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View results from catastrophic injury law firm Pope & Howard, P.C. in Atlanta, Georgia:

Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death – $3,000,000.00

Pope & Howard, P.C. represented the family of an Atlanta woman who died following complications from a routine medical procedure to remove an ovarian cyst.

Medical Negligence / Brain Damage – $3,000,000.00

Geoff Pope and Marc Howard, partners at Pope & Howard P.C., represented the family of a young girl who suffered brain damage, including cortical blindness, cognitive impairments, and motor skill impairments, as a result of a delayed delivery.

Medical Malpractice / Brain Injury – $3,000,000.00

Pope & Howard P.C. attorneys represented a self-employed businessman who suffered brain damage as the result of an anesthesia error in a hospital.

Motor Vehicle Collision / Wrongful Death – $2,850,000.00

In this wrongful death case, Pope & Howard P.C. attorneys were retained to represent the family of a professional athlete who was killed in a car wreck in Atlanta.

Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death – $2,225,000.00

Pope & Howard P.C. attorneys represented the family of a young man who had been given an improper dosage of medication in a hospital. In addition to the money settlement, the hospital changed its policies to ensure that such an incident never occurred again.

Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death – $1,900,000.00

Pope & Howard P.C. attorneys represented a man whose wife dies due the failure of medical providers to monitor blood clotting and order appropriate treatment.

Pharmaceutical Product Defect – $1,400,000.00

In this drug defect case, Pope & Howard P.C. represented a self employed woman who suffered a stroke due to the negligent design and labeling of a pharmaceutical company.

Construction Site Accident/ Slip and Fall – $1,350,000.00

In this construction site accident case, our attorneys represented a woman who suffered severe brain damage when she fell on a construction site where OSHA safety rules had been violated.

Nursing Home/ Medical Negligence – $1,350,000.00

Pope & Howard P.C. attorneys discovered repeated violations of safety rules at a national nursing home chain that showed the nursing home was failing to provide proper care to its residents. This case involved the failure to provide adequate hydration to a tube-fed patient.

Motorcycle Collision / Wrongful Death – $1,250,000.00

Our attorneys represented the family of a young man killed on a motorcycle when he was hit by a joyriding teenager.

Medical Malpractice – $1,000,000.00

A local Atlanta husband and father must now walk with a cane and is in constant pain after an unqualified doctor gave him an epidural spinal injection. Pope & Howard, P.C. represented the victim and recently settled the case for the maximum amount of insurance coverage available.

Veterans Administration / Medical Malpractice – $925,000.00

Our lawyers represented a veteran who was not diagnosed with a fractured neck, resulting in delayed treatment and permanent harm.

Premises Liability / Hotel Negligence – $900,000.00

Our lawyers uncovered violations of state and local laws in the bathing facilities of a national hotel chain that resulted in severe back injuries to hotel guest.

Construction Site Injury/ Broken Foot – $800,000.00

Pope & Howard P.C. attorneys represented a laborer who broke his heel bone after falling on a construction site as the result of faulty equipment.

Construction Site / Work Place Injury – $750,000.00

In this case, our lawyers represented a construction worker who was injured when a wall collapsed on him following the electrical demolition of the wall by another contractor on the construction site.

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